The HOP (Healthy Outreach Program)

About the HOP

The Healthy Outreach Program (the HOP) was a pilot program offering services and activities to help people wanting to begin healthier lifestyles who may not usually access mainstream services. The HOP provided social, fun, and accessible activities with support in place to help people get closer to reaching their goals.

The pilot program ran from 2nd March 2021 to the 30th June 2021. The programs had no cost so those on Centrelink benefits could take part and choose to commit to a set program or simply drop in to others.

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How it happened

The HOP was made possible by Local Government and non-Government organisations working together with coordination by Cockburn Integrated Health and support from the WA Primary Health Alliance.

Still happening

Many of the HOP and other new activities are still available through the partner organisations.

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The Hop

Partner programs

Healthy lifestyle activities run by partnering agencies that are free can be accessed through the partner organisations. Participants are encouraged to choose to also join the HOP and benefit from the wellness checks at the level of their choice.

Click on the program name in the table below to access partner websites for details on the programs. 

Partner Programs Location
FremantleMind Inc activities FremantleMind
St Pats Exercise St Pats, Fremantle
Food Sensations Meerilinga Hilton
Heart Foundation Walking Group The Meeting Place, Fremantle
Reclink Street Games Princess May Park, Fremantle
Befriend Walking Group South Beach Care, South Fremantle
City of Melville Active Light Jeff Joseph Park, Applecross
City of Melville ActiveLink Various locations
On My Feet Fremantle Park, Fremantle
DiabetesWA DESMOND Melville

As well as the HOP partner initiatives, Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Service includes free and low-cost options for those who want to improve their physical and mental health.

With gratitude to our partners