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About the Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Service

The Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Service (CHLS) commenced in June, 2017 as a means to address the significant rates of overweight and obesity within the City of Cockburn. Figures from 2016 indicate that the rate of overweight and obesity among those aged over 16 years within the City was 79.0%, as compared to the overall state rate of 66.6% (South Metropolitan Health Service, 2019). Excess weight, particularly obesity, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions and certain cancers.

The CHLS aims to help people of all ages achieve long-term health, lifestyle and weight-loss goals. The service offers a low-cost and coordinated approach to nutrition education, physical activity and fitness, mental health, and child specific services. Support is offered to all clients through personalised programs that are connected to local health service providers across the Cockburn area.


Opportunities for Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Members gain access to:

1-on-1 Dietitian Consults

1-on-1 Exercise Consults

Group Fitness Options

Group Psychology Workshops

The Healthy Eating Activity & Lifestyle™ Program (HEAL™)

Ongoing health consults

The latest relevant news on programs, events and support services

Child-specific weight and obesity support (See Just Kids Health – OWL)

Meet other people that share similar goals

PLUS, much more!


How do I become a member?

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The service entails free complimentary health consults conducted by an allied health professional. It is a requirement before participating in any component of the Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Service that a client has an initial health consult. Health consults assess nutritional, physical and mental well-being status and enable a tailored plan to be created, specific to individual’s needs.

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