Aug 2011

Cockburn GP Super Clinic Ltd. (trading as Cockburn Integrated Health) established

Nov 2011

Chief Executive Officer appointed

Dec 2011

Construction of the Cockburn Health and Community Facility (which includes Cockburn Integrated Health) commenced

Jun 2014

Construction of the Cockburn Health and Community Facility completed. Fitout of Cockburn Integrated Health still ongoing

Aug 2014

Long Term Tenancy Agreement secured by Cockburn Integrated Health from the City of Cockburn for premises situated at the Cockburn Health and Community Facility

Aug 2014

Tenancy Agreement entered into by Cockburn Integrated Health with GP Cockburn Central, a Consortium of local GP Providers, to provide GP services at Cockburn Integrated Health


Tenancy Agreements entered into with a range of other Health and Support Service Providers at Cockburn Integrated Health premises

Oct 2014

Cockburn Integrated Health begins operations

Oct 2014

Cockburn Integrated Health and Curtin University sign a long-term Collaboration Agreement for the establishment of student-led clinics and education support at the Cockburn Health and Community Facility site

May 2015

Cockburn Integrated Health negotiates Tenancy Agreement with South Metropolitan Health Service for the delivery of State Government led health services at Cockburn Integrated Health.


Cockburn Integrated Health continues discussions with the Cockburn Community Development Group, which includes community representatives from the various localities in Cockburn to identify service gaps in the community and to plan future service delivery

Jun 2017

In collaboration with Curtin University and the City of Cockburn, Cockburn Integrated Health receives Institute for Public Administration Achievement Award for best Practice in Collaboration between Government and Non-Government Organisations

Jul 2017

Cockburn Integrated Health receives accreditation through QIP (Quality Innovation Performance)

Feb 2018

Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Program launched by Cockburn Integrated Health, in collaboration with a range of service providers, including the City of Cockburn to address overweight and obesity in the Cockburn area