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The Cockburn Healthy Lifestyle Service believes in building collaborative and productive relationships with all health professionals.

We welcome all enquiries and referrals relating to the extensive range of supports and services we offer.

Many of our clients are referred to us by their GPs, allied health professionals and other health centres, all of whom believe in the value of the services we provide.

Self-referrals however make up the most of our clientele (~ 70%), thanks to social media initiatives and health promotion events run by the City of Cockburn.

If your patient would like help in achieving long-term health, lifestyle and weight loss goals, we would be pleased to receive your referral. We will assess how to best meet their nutritional, physical and mental wellbeing needs through an initial health consult and create a tailored plan to ensure that such needs are met.

Info & Referral Documents

Health Professional – Interactive Referral FormHealth Professional - Interactive Referral Form

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